We are being bathed with microwave radiation from cell phones, laptops, routers, tablets, cell phone towers, "smart" utility meters, and all of our "smart" devices. 

The National Call for Safe Technology is a rallying cry for better wireless device safety testing, up-to-date WiFi exposure guidelines, homeowner rights to refuse "smart" meters, ADA accommodations for individuals impacted by electromagnetic sensitivity, and wired as the default internet connection.  

Our Work

Together we have...

  • Created a platform for change by joining together groups from across the US, Europe, and Canada
  • Acquired sign-ons from 60 to 100+ groups and individuals, thousands of people, to more than a dozen federal submissions to various government agencies
  • Gotten 16 Community Boards of NY City representing an average of 2 million people to disapprove or call for a moratorium on 5G jumbo towers
  • Reacted as a coalition to help issues at the local level in various areas in the US, such as California, Colorado, Delaware, Massachusetts, Michigan, Texas, and more.
  • Hosted many educational speakers on various aspects of wireless radiation and solutions to this issue.
  • Raised awareness amongst local, state, and federal legislators around wireless technology.

Why Should You Care?


Wireless is inherently not secure and easily hackable by the very nature of being "wireless" - which means the data is sent through the air. Right now, entirely new industries are being created from the data being transferred via "smart" meters on our homes, and our "smart" devices and appliances. The fastest, safest, and most reliable internet connection available will always be wired; one of the many reasons it's important to advocate for wired to be the default connection and use wireless only when necessary. 


As much as 30% of the population suffers from Electromagnetic Sensitivity to the microwave radiation coming off of all the wireless devices we are now exposed to on a daily basis. This number will only increase as the amount of wireless devices and infrastructure increase -unless we do something about it now.


Wireless is anything but "green." It has never been tested for its impact on insects, animals, and trees and is posing a threat to our flora and fauna.

Additionally, 5G+ base stations are an energy hog, requiring at least 3.5 times more power than 4G base stations. The Communication Technology Industry will be using 51% of global electricity by 2030 and release 23% of global CO2 Green House Gasses.

We believe accessing the internet at lightening fast speeds shouldn't threaten human health, privacy, or the environment.

That's why educating people on the harms of wireless technology, changing the conversation around "smart" devices, and advocating for end-to-end wired internet at the local, state, and federal levels is more important than ever.

What to Expect on the National Call

A safe place to connect, learn, and address the wireless issue together.

  • Guest Speakers
  • Collaborative efforts
  • Ideas and best practices to implement in your community
  • The latest news and updates from North America and Europe
  • Support for your efforts, and the ability to support others and be a part of something bigger
  • Actions to take and share with others in your circle

Our Team

Some Faces You'll find on the National Call

National Call for Safe Technology has been an invaluable resource that continually provides us with practical information to better support and advocate for people who have developed and or are disabled by Electromagnetic Sensitivity (EMS). Many of these people lack things most people take for granted, such as safe housing, access to basic community resources, transportation, and even medical care, especially in hospitals, because of the proliferation of wireless devices and infrastructure. We are very grateful for the information, support, and hope that the National Call for Safe Technology offers us as we work to help these people.

Donna desanto ott, pt, dpt, ms, fmchc


pennsylvanians for safe technology

Before the National Call, I felt like I was in a vacuum trying to create change in my own little area. The National Call has made me feel like I'm not alone in this; like I'm a part of something more meaningful. Even though I can't attend every call, it feels good to know that it's there.


Here in Pittsfield where 17 folks have been injured and displaced by a cell tower, the National Call has helped connect us, our legislators and city officials to others injured and displaced by wireless installations, as well as connecting us with engineers, doctors, lawyers and subject matter experts who are up to date on RF EMF health, safety and best practices. The National Call has connected us to other communities experiencing the same issues. When the wireless industry told our city that no one is injured by cell towers and that they are safe when operating within the FCC guidelines, those on the National Call were able to write to our city officials and provide testimony and evidence of the biological harm that occurs well below contested, antiquated and irrelevant thermal guidelines.  Those injured in Pittsfield join with those on the National Call to hold our leaders accountable for injury, displacement and damage caused by RF radiation, implement policy change and protections, lobby for legislation and empower our local boards and community to take action to protect the injured residents and get us home safely.  

Courtney Gilardi

pitTsfield, Massachusetts 



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