Chaptered Agency

How the FCC is dominated by the industries it presumably regulates

The Federal Communications Commission sits at the heart of a bipartisan Washington web of institutional corruption that has for many years championed corporate interests, typically at public expense. Echoing industry, the FCC has ignored the growing evidence that wireless technologies pose serious health risks. It has indirectly taxed consumers billions to pay for the pet projects of tech executives and lobbyists. 

Humanity at a Crossroads

  • Microwave Auditory Effect (Frey, 1962)
  • Microwave Blood Brain Barrer leak (Frey, 1970)
  • MW bibliography for US Navy (Z Glaser 1971
  • Massive Compilation by Bioinitiative Group (latest 2017)
  • The time is now.
    Our elected officials need to step up and protect us, future generations, our environment, and our health, by regulating the radiation emissions from wireless technologies being deployed at breakneck speed and holding the Communications Technology industry accountable for its direct and significant contribution to damages to our health and the environment. 5G+ and the safe advance of humanity is the most important issue of our lifetime.

    National Call for Safe Technology is a group of residents who value safer technology: safer internet access and safer cell phone service.  We value wired and fiber technology infrastructure where available. We encourage critical thinking about how 4G and 5G cell antennas, cell poles and cell towers have been and will be placed in environments where human life, animal life and plant life co-exist.

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